BIM Learning (KnowBIM)

Welcome to KnowBIM, a Hybrid Learning Program, designed for your access to world’s best BIM learning Content maneuvered by BIM Experts from India’s National Award-Winning Company.

  • Leverage Content on more than 50 Design and Engineering Software
  • Focused Role-based tracking & assessment to provide realistic Outcome
  • Workshops with BIM experts to bring out more relevance in the learning process

KnowBIM has been conceived with a vision to deliver a learning solution that is effective, outcome-driven, and deployable on a varied scale. We have understanding of the deeper aspects of BIM Workflows and the human behavioral aspects that are required to bring in the right kind of knowledge absorption. KnowBIM is a long-term skill upgradation program based on Gradual Dispersion of several Digital knowledge areas and making use of the same on a practical basis..

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Salient Features

Anytime Anywhere Learning Access To More Than 50+ Software

  • We have carefully curated  a workflow on AEC Collection for you to maximize your investment on Autodesk Solutions and leverage these Solutions to deliver a connected and inter-operable BIM outcome on your projects.
  • We teach the ensuing skills​.
  • Get unlimited access to premium content

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Customize your Playlist, track your progress and be in full control of your learning program.

  • KnowBIM offers fully customizable roles, goals & pathway paths that automatically surface content specifically targeted toward each user’s unique toward skills gaps, roles, or projects.​
  • Seamlessly integrated custom content to build personalized learning paths, workflows, playlists, courses, and assessments. ​
  • Progress Wheel provides a glance overview at goal completion and burn-down charts provide a trend line with a date they should expect to be finished.​

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