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Implementing Structured Project Data Environment for one of the Smart Cities in India

Smart Cities are mega projects with several micro projects within them and each of these projects spans over anywhere from 15 to 30 years. It is important to ensure that the database and learnings over the years are
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Implementing Secured CDE for multi-party collaboration and project data management for a fine chemicals manufacturing company in India

Process Industry is very sensitive to the Technology information and having a secure environment to collaborate enhanced the business efficiency as well as secured the Information risks.
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Creating a 5D BI Dashboard for one of the leading Global Real Estate firm

Overwhelming data and reports comes at the cost of confused and delayed decision making. We helped our client, cut the noncritical aspects and focus on indices on a 5D Data model which are more relevant to their project.
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Helped US based development firm, Leverage 5D Planning to Win more projects and be more certain in making Bid Decisions

Planning and Prebid stages are critical. We helped our client focus on important cost items and plan simulation to demonstrate their ability and confidence to their customers.
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Cloud based Digital Twin Solution for a leading Global Real-Estate firm helped ease the Facilities transaction and handover process

DGTRA Team integrated the BIM data with the input feeds of the real-time building performance data to generate a 3D model-based dashboard and alert system.
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Asset Coding for a leading Multinational Manufacturing firm for more than 1000+ asset categories

DGTRA helped the customer here to here to generate unique Asset Codes and assign those codes and several other performance parameters so that the BIM Model is conditioned to be consumed in the client’s proprietary Digital Twin Platform.
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Manufacturing firms case study

Implementing Augmented Reality for expediting the Construction Monitoring Process for a leading Developer in India.

Walking the Construction Site with Several Drawings may not give an instant ability to detect issues. We worked with our client to deploy an AR program for creating an evidence-based Plan Vs Actual audit Process.
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Integrating the BIM Model with the Google Earth to creative a hyper realistic future Development visualization for a leading US based construction firm

Knowing how your development program will fit into the existing neighborhood and provide the ability to give the required immersive experience, helped our client get faster approvals on their Real Estate Projects Request Case Study

As-Built Validation and Change Management Support for Warehousing units of a Leading US based Manufacturing company

For faster rollout of projects like retail and warehousing facilities, our client adopted the quick process of scanning the Site and then creating a digital model which can be consumed by the design team for further modifications and changes.
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Site Logistic Planning and Time Simulation for a Retail Centre Renovation Project in Australia

This was a restricted site with ongoing business activities of tenant. Planning the redevelopment coordination with existing facilities going for a min. shut down was digitally simulated to help client make critical decisions.
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VDC Services including value engineering for a large mixed-use complex in India

We undertook the value engineering using a BIM model-based process for a 2M sqft mixed use compiled include retail, offices, multiplex theater with multi-level basement parking
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Using PowerBI for creating an interactive dashboard for the BIM Models

The ability to bring the 3D Model in an interactive BI dashboard provides several opportunities of analyzing and presenting data to our client. In this case, we use this for space analysis. Due to confidentiality, an illustrative image is used here for representation.
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Reducing the physical mock dependencies through a detailed Formwork Modeling & Analysis

Reusable module Aluminum formwork has helped in significantly reducing the slab cycle time. BY doing a coordinated and integrated virtual simulation of all the form panels, we make the downstream processes RFI free.
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Value Engineering Audit for a Commercial Project to design and system improvements, cost optimization

This assignment was undertaken for a client who was on a Fixed Fee contract to deliver the project. Every optimization undertaken will be a saving and add up to the project profits. DGTRA facilitated value engineering workshops to pick and implement the best solutions to optimize design and MEP routing.
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Facilities Audit for a leading MNC firms to optimize the operational cost

This assignment involved a through documentation audit, physical validation, realty capture, and preparation of overall facilities as-is condition report. This also include suggesting recommendations for improving & engacinhg the facilities operational costs. Request Case Study

BIM Management and IT support for a leading Architecture firm from US

Most mid-size Architecture firms are in their transition to become a fully BIM enabled Practice. Due to size of the firm, transition cost are always an increased business burden. We helped this firm leverage Indian BIM Managers and IT Staff to optimize this transition cost and get their staff trained in BIM.
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Setting up Engineering team for the commissioning of one of the Railway projects in APAC

DGTRA teamed up with one of the leading EPC contractors from APAC to put together a team of engineers for a very ambitious Railway project within 6 weeks. Services include onsite and offshore teams collaborating to deliver the project outcome.
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Laser Scanning & 3D Documentation of the Architectural Details of a Heritage Structure required for a Renovation Project

Capturing the minute Architectural details and intricate traces of the colonial design by scanning and using the scan data to produce highly accurate 3D Model which can be used for documentation & renovation purpose for a leading Developer in the US. Request Case Study

BIM based Coordination & Value Engineering for a leading Global Data Centre Company

DGTRA was appointed by the Owner Operator to check the design model and run coordination process and help trades build the detailed Model for Shop Drawings and Installation Purpose.
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BIM Coordination and MEP Integration with the Manufacturing process for a leading Automotive manufacturers

The Process we adopted here includes Scanning the facility to capture the as-is condition, digitizing the data to build an existing condition model for design modifications and then coordinating the efforts to ensure a smooth outcome is achieved. The design is phased well and coordinated overall.
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Electromechanical Commissioning support services for a leading Australian Metro Rail upgrade project

DGTRA partnered with an Australian Engineering and Commissioning Company to help them team up for a major Metro Rail Expansion Project.
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BIM Consulting for a major National Highway project involving more than 200 CD Structures and Bridges in India

Our team assisted the team of lead designers and engineering contractor with model development, data upgrades, model conditioning for 5D BIM and as-built validation support.
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