Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system, such as a building, machine, or infrastructure. It is created by collecting and integrating data from various sources, including sensors, BIM models, and historical data, to develop a real-time, interactive model of the physical asset.

DGTRA’s involvement on these assignments begins with consulting the client on selecting platform, followed by  data scrubbing and standarding the Asset Coding system, Model Integration and Integration of equipment and machine’s IoT data with the Model interfaces, additionally DGTRA provided training and support as required for the implementation program. DGTRA’s team brings in experience from working on Archibus, FM Systems, Ecodomus, Autodesk Tandem and other custom-built cloud-based applications .

Case Studies

Cloud based Digital Twin Solution for a leading Global Real-Estate firm helped ease the Facilities transaction and handover process

DGTRA Team integrated the BIM data with the input feeds of the real-time building performance data to generate a 3D model-based dashboard and alert system.

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Asset Coding for a leading Multinational Manufacturing firm for more than 1000+ asset categories

DGTRA helped the customer here to here to generate unique Asset Codes and assign those codes and several other performance parameters so that the BIM Model is conditioned to be consumed in the client’s proprietary Digital Twin Platform.

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Manufacturing firms case study
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