India has an excellent talent pool of high-quality engineers, programmers and architects which are well trained to work on modern tools and technologies. Several MNC in Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing sectors have chosen India as their base and have been into existence for many years.

However, there are several firms globally who may not have the necessary bandwidth to establish a company in India and that’s where DGTRA and its management’s decades of experience of  comes handy in helping those firms leverage India. It requires a long-term thinking, uncompromised ethics & integrity levels, cultural understanding with a strong technical capacity to make an outsource relationship successful.  DGTRA has helped Architects, Engineering firms, Manufacturing companies, Builders/Developers, contractors across US, Europe, Australia and Middle-East Asia leverage India for their resourcing needs. Our expertise here helps our client establish a seamlessly integrated global team.

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Case Studies

Setting up Engineering team for the commissioning of one of the Railway projects in APAC

DGTRA teamed up with one of the leading EPC contractors from APAC to put together a team of engineers for a very ambitious Railway project within 6 weeks. Services include onsite and offshore teams collaborating to deliver the project outcome.

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BIM Management and IT support for a leading Architecture firm from US

Most mid-size Architecture firms are in their transition to become a fully BIM enabled Practice. Due to size of the firm, transition cost are always an increased business burden. We helped this firm leverage Indian BIM Managers and IT Staff to optimize this transition cost and get their staff trained in BIM.

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