Technical Audits in Building information Modelling

Technical Audits

Technical Audit services offered by DGTRA cuts at an intersection of Technology, Engineering, Project & Process Management. Our Technical experts helps our client in determining/finding the deficiencies in the process or documents, site conditions, transaction points, compliance issues and similar findings. Our services include Value Engineering Audits , Quantities & Cost Audits, Information Management Audits and space management audits. Value Engineering focuses on a model-based process to run several analysis, design check, coordination checks, engineering check, bye laws check etc. We have our proprietary programs which helps us undertake these assignments efficiently in a QuickTime. Quantities and Cost Audits is a model-based process of determining the costing for the project, finding missing items and help client in determining a reliable base cost for the project. Information Management audits focuses on document management and control processes and checks the effectivity of the client’s deployed Common Data Environment. Space Management Audits are critical audits that helps clients in establishing a correct and evidence-based area statement for the project. Space management audits helps our clients in optimizing their leasing expenses and ensure full compliance with applicable codes.

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Case Studies

Facilities Audit for a leading MNC firms to optimize the operational cost

This assignment involved a through documentation audit, physical validation, realty capture, and preparation of overall facilities as-is condition report. This also include suggesting recommendations for improving & engacinhg the facilities operational costs.

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Value Engineering Audit for a Commercial Project to design and system improvements, cost optimization

This assignment was undertaken for a client who was on a Fixed Fee contract to deliver the project. Every optimization undertaken will be a saving and add up to the project profits. DGTRA facilitated value engineering workshops to pick and implement the best solutions to optimize design and MEP routing.

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