Reality Capture

Reality Capture the way we managed and analysed the Built Assets. Depending on the use cases, DGTRA helps their client in capturing the physical condition of the asset from under construction to operational stages of the project. The technologies being used ranges from optical 360 cameras©, Low Density Lidar scanning to high precision LIDAR scanning. Our team works with the scan data generated from various scanning technologies that include Hexagon, Leica, RICOH, Insta 360, Openspace, Trimble, Matterport and FARO.

DGTRA leverages Realty Capture Technologies to provide accurate as-built condition data, create a base reference for Digital Twin, Run plan vs actual simulation & quality checks by overlaying the Scanned data over the integrated BIM Models, facilities walkthroughs and 360 VRs.

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Case Studies

As-Built Validation and Change Management Support for Warehousing units of a Leading US based Manufacturing company

For faster rollout of projects like retail and warehousing facilities, our client adopted the quick process of scanning the Site and then creating a digital model which can be consumed by the design team for further modifications and changes.
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Laser Scanning & 3D Documentation of the Architectural Details of a Heritage Structure required for a Renovation Project

Capturing the minute Architectural details and intricate traces of the colonial design by scanning and using the scan data to produce highly accurate 3D Model which can be used for documentation & renovation purpose for a leading Developer in the US.
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